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As one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors in Singapore, Pan-Malayan is the Medical Hypermart that offers the widest and most comprehensive range of pharmaceutical and medical-related products.

Our clients range from GP and Specialist clinics, chain and independent pharmacies, to hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions in Singapore. We serve as a platform for trade customers and suppliers in the pharmaceutical and medical industries to meet and gain access to products, people, and information that will best benefit their patients.


With more than 60 years of trade experience and market relations, we are in the ideal position to service both customers and suppliers as we work closely with them to understand and fulfill their needs.

We are indeed grateful for the continued support and understanding of all our trade partners, and look forward to growing our suite of services and capabilities in order to provide the best solutions to their growing needs and businesses.


The Medical Hypermart

What your Medical Hypermart has to offer and what you stand to miss out on if you’re not an online member.
  Awards & Accolades
Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals has been achieving the Singapore SME 1000 Company award since 2002 till date.

About Pan-Malayan

Started in the 1940s in Singapore as a retail pharmacy, and having evolved to become a major wholesaler in the 1990s, Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Singapore today.
  Our Other Services

We have also been offering customized logistics services to an established group of pharmaceutical & medical device companies.